Internet Marketing Strategies – The Basics

free internet marketing helpThere are a multitude of business strategies and business models when it comes to online marketing- some that have made overnight millionaires and some that have made the majority fall on their faces. It takes a lot of work to be successful at online Internet marketing, and you will need good strategies to keep from being one of those that fall on their face.

 Understand Internet Marketing

 You have to realize that the philosophy of online marketing is selling an experience or a solution that customers cannot find elsewhere. You are not selling a product or a website necessarily. The best Internet marketing addresses the urgency of solving a problem for a customer. They are more than willing to pay for the convenience of not having to go out and look for a solution.

Consider a customer who is desperate to save her marriage. She could go to the local bookstore and spend $24 to buy a book full of tips and ideas, but she is more likely to purchase an ebook online for $37, click her mouse and have the information “right now,” rather than waiting a day or two to go shopping, or waiting to have the book shipped. Online marketing depends on this urgency to influence its customers into taking action.

Selling Your Products

Before you decide to market a product and target those urgent buyers, you have to find a niche that interests you. If you are going to invest your time and money in creating a product, you don’t want to find that after a week’s time you are bored to tears with it. That’s a bad position to be in.

 Use popular ecommerce sites like Amazon and ClickBank to research your product for Internet marketing. Learn about niche industries through forums and blogs. Next, spend some time creating a list of high quality, product specific keywords using your own knowledge and sites like Traffic Travis and Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Before you start, you will need to develop a sales funnel. This funnel can be one page or a more complex system with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Squidoo Lenses, article marketing, email marketing collection forms, and forum links. Remember that you want to reach as much of your target audience as possible so they know you can provide a resolution to their problem.

Successful Internet Marketing

To ensure your success, keep these three things in mind at all times: 

  1. You must learn to influence potential buyers. You can do this by studying copywriting secrets and strategies. Discover what has worked for others and draw from their success. Learn to influence others with the your words and videos you make.
  2.  Outsource all that you can, because your time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted doing things you can easily have others do. Spend your time building sites, researching, and split testing your work. 
  3. Test and retest every marketing step that you take. If your website isn’t generating a profit within a week, try something else. All good websites go through this process, and yours should too.

It may take some time to master all the complex strategies of online Internet marketing, but if you are willing to work, follow through, and learn from your mistakes, you will find success. Like everything else in life, it just takes time and work, but you will make money.

The Top 5 Reasons To Have A Home Business

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair dose of Mondayitis, dragging ourselves off to work when we really would rather stay in bed.  What if you could just stay in bed and work when and where you are ready to work not when the boss dictates you have to?  Having your own Home Business gives you the opportunity to do just that. 


Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Have A Home Business:

1. Flexibility
Having a Home Business means that you work the hours that suit you.  Night Owl?  Then you can work in the middle of the night in your pyjamas and sleep the day away.  Kids at school?  You can take them to and from school and never miss a sports day or school play and you can still make money.  No more having to take a whole day off to wait for a plumber that won’t give you a definite time that they will turn up to fix your taps.  With a laptop and mobile internet you can also work where you want.  No longer do you have to stare out the office window on a sunny day longing to be outdoors, with your own business you can sit in the sun on the beach and still get your work done.

2. No Travel
How would you like to travel 20 steps to your desk rather than 20kms?  It is insane how much time people spend commuting to and from work.  Especially these days with traffic getting worse and worse people are wasting more time than ever stuck in their cars when they could be spending doing things that they really want to do rather than staring at the back of the car in front of them.  How much is your time worth?  Say it is $25 an hour.  If you are travelling an hour each way everyday for work that is $50 per day, $250 per week not to mention the ever rising cost of fuel and running a car.  If you were able to spend those 2 hours a day on your own business from home you can get paid for those hours otherwise lost in traffic gridlock.  What would that extra $250 per week mean to you?

3. Reward For Effort
When you have a conventional job your earnings are tied directly to the amount of hours you are physically at work and no matter how productive you are you can never make more money than your boss or your boss’ boss.  Having your own business allows you to have complete control of how much you earn and can work as much or as little as you like.  Working smarter rather than for longer means that you can make more money in less time – how awesome is that?

4. Your Weekends Can Be For Leisure Only
Working from home gives you the opportunity to get all of the mundane household chores done throughout your day rather than having to waste precious time in the evenings or on weekends doing them.  You can put your washing on at breakfast time and hang it out at morning tea.  Mow the lawn or do the groceries at lunchtime and put dinner on at afternoon tea time.  Your family will love you for it and no more missing out on having a great social life.

5. Fewer Distractions
Imagine how much more you can achieve in much less time when your day isn’t being eaten up with: endless meetings that don’t go anywhere; listening to annoying co-workers talk on their phones at full volume; unnecessary group emails; people asking for help they don’t need and the list could go on forever!  Thankfully by having your own Home Business you can avoid this all.

What are your favourite things about having a Home Business – let me know!  If you are still slaving for a boss and would like a way out email me and I can help you get started in a Home Business.  I look forward to your thoughts.

The 8 Keys to Being a Great Home Business Blogger

Copyblogger has a great blog post worth checking out listing the 8 keys to being an effective blogger.

The keys to being an effective blogger according to Copyblogger are:

  1. Be prolific
  2. Be concise
  3. Be analytical
  4. Be a lifelong learner
  5. Be focused and consistent
  6. Plan ahead
  7. Be persistent
  8. Be a self-starter

I love Annabel Candy’s work – she always has awesome content and practical tips.  You can read more of Annabel’s work at her blog Get In The Hot Spot.