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Elite Marketer Pro – 13 Huge Marketing Mistakes

The brains behind Elite Marketing Pro Tim Erway recently released an absolute killer report titled “The 13 Devastating Mistakes that are Killing Your Internet Business“.  This report was released as part of the launch for Elite Marketing Pro and is no longer available.

I was just re-reading the report and was reminded how much gold he gave away completely for free and in case you missed it and are struggling to make money online I thought I would do a quick hangout video to share them with you.

Don’t feel discouraged if you are making lots of these mistakes – some veterans are still making them!  The important thing here is becoming aware of them.

Hope you get as much from it as I did.


PS.  Keep an eye on this blog as I will do a follow up hangout video sharing how to overcome these 13 devastating mistakes – not to be missed.


The Greatest Opportunity In The History Of Capitalism?

I just got this email from Daegan Smith
about this:

http://homebusinessgoddess.com/go/leverage money making opportunity
It really got me thinking …

Stacey x

The Greatest Opportunity In The History
Of Capitalism – Is Here:

Have you ever wondered why some people
effortlessly crush it online while
others don’t?

Well there’s a reason, and I’m going to
share it with you in just a minute.

It ain’t because they’re smarter or
better or have some advantage other’s

The TRUE answer is actually a whole lot

I feel uniquely qualified to share this
answer with you because over the last 8
years I’ve been online I’ve not only
done ok myself …

Here’s revenue from one of our shopping
carts last month:


A couple days I took $42K in checks to
the bank:


And I regularly get wires like this:


But …

I’ve literally mentored some of the best
in the biz to millionaire status.

I can remember back in 2008 when I young
Jonathan Budd when he was living in his
parents basement in Connecticut and
doing a phone consultation that lead to
him creating his first product.

Now he regularly does $2M product
launches like it’s nothing.


A few years ago this crazy guy named
David Wood started buying all of my
products, and look up a few years later
and now he and his partner David Sharpe
are not only making millions but
creating millionaires like …


Lawrence Tam, who after coming to a
small workshop I conducting in my Maui
home, is now regularly banking $50k -
$100k per month.


More recently, I can remember doing a
one hour consult with a young man named
Matt Lloyd who, at the time, was making
about $900 per month.

Since that encounter, in less than 2
years, he’s regularly doing $300k -
$400k per month.


So I’ve been there.

I’ve seen successes rise from the ground
up and I know exactly what makes THEM
different from the rest.

It’s simply this …

They saw opportunities in the market
that didn’t scream or even whisper, but
they KNEW they were big then put all
they had into it.

That’s it.

Being at the right place.

At the right time.

And fully committing IS what creates
millionaires and HUGE incomes online.

And the reason for this message is …

I believe right now, THE biggest
opportunity in the history of capitalism
is waiting for you, but maybe you don’t
see it.

Maybe you didn’t realize it was all
about fully committing to the right
things at the right time.

Not long ago my friend Joel Therien
launched a simple idea …

Not one that screamed at me, but one
that …

Once I took the time to really realize
it for what it was, I simply couldn’t
pass up.

I moved fast, and here’s what I’ve
already got to show for it.


Over $32k in commission ain’t bad, but
check this out …

In it’s first 18 days Joel paid out over
$1M in commissions. – Message.

Thats more money paid out faster than
anything I’ve ever seen in this
industry, but that’s not why this is SO

It’s understanding this subtle concept

The company is called PureLeverage and
it’s the first time in history that an
autoresponder company has ever paid out
100% commissions.

I think most people get that 100%
commissions are better than 20% or 30%
like you’d see with an autoresponder
like Aweber, but what they don’t see is
this …

In 2005 I referred a few people to
Aweber very passively and every two
weeks since I’ve been depositing
commission checks like this:


Into my bank account.

Here take a look:

Commissions now – check the dates:

Commissions back then – check the dates:

When you SEE the longevity of these
commission BECAUSE the company is a tool
that every business owner MUST use
online you might start to get it.

What you do now, with this company will
still be paying you 8 years from now IF
you play your cards right.

Why do you think I didn’t hesitate.

There’s no more passive or long term
money in online marketing than referring
people to a tool that will hold their
most valuable asset – their list.

Where the list lives the money lives,
and no entrepreneur in their right mind
would ever turn off their money faucet.

Think about it like this …

Say you get 100 people in PureLeverage
today and they use the autoresponder and
build a list.

MOST of them will still be there next
year, the year after, the year after
that, and into the foreseeable future.

That’s what I call LONG money and I’m
getting it.

You should get yours too.

I’m so excited about this deal because I
see how it’s going to create a
ridiculous # of six and seven figure
incomes very soon, and that’s why I’m
sharing this with you.

You don’t want to be left out.

You don’t want to miss the writing on
the wall.

And so here’s what I’ve got for you.

Over the next week because I don’t want
you to miss this critical window I’m
going to be training you live via this
series of emails and creating a viral
marketing system for you to establish
your roots and income as early as

Tomorrow, it’s all about traffic and how
to get it to build your list.

I’m going to reach back out and share
with how I we drive massive traffic so
you can hit the ground running, so today
you’ve only got 2 things to do.

1. Sign up for your $1 trial here:

And get excited about what’s to come.

2. Follow the instructions at the bottom
of this email to get this message out to
everyone you know so you’re already
starting to virally earn commissions
before tomorrows lesson hits you.

Leverage me and my abilities to build
your business starting right now.

The best in the biz have.

Now it’s your turn.

To the top!


How To Make Money By Simply Sharing This


To generate revenue immediately from
this lesson here’s all gotta do.

1. If you haven’t joined here yet for $1
- join now:

2. Simply change my links for your PureLeverage
links in this email and distribute.

3. Copy, paste and share the below email
with your username:

- Post this lesson to your blog.
- Share it with your Facebook friends.
- Tweet it to your twitter followers.
- Add it to your autoresponder.
- Broadcast it out to your list.

The Top 5 Reasons To Have A Home Business

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair dose of Mondayitis, dragging ourselves off to work when we really would rather stay in bed.  What if you could just stay in bed and work when and where you are ready to work not when the boss dictates you have to?  Having your own Home Business gives you the opportunity to do just that. 


Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Have A Home Business:

1. Flexibility
Having a Home Business means that you work the hours that suit you.  Night Owl?  Then you can work in the middle of the night in your pyjamas and sleep the day away.  Kids at school?  You can take them to and from school and never miss a sports day or school play and you can still make money.  No more having to take a whole day off to wait for a plumber that won’t give you a definite time that they will turn up to fix your taps.  With a laptop and mobile internet you can also work where you want.  No longer do you have to stare out the office window on a sunny day longing to be outdoors, with your own business you can sit in the sun on the beach and still get your work done.

2. No Travel
How would you like to travel 20 steps to your desk rather than 20kms?  It is insane how much time people spend commuting to and from work.  Especially these days with traffic getting worse and worse people are wasting more time than ever stuck in their cars when they could be spending doing things that they really want to do rather than staring at the back of the car in front of them.  How much is your time worth?  Say it is $25 an hour.  If you are travelling an hour each way everyday for work that is $50 per day, $250 per week not to mention the ever rising cost of fuel and running a car.  If you were able to spend those 2 hours a day on your own business from home you can get paid for those hours otherwise lost in traffic gridlock.  What would that extra $250 per week mean to you?

3. Reward For Effort
When you have a conventional job your earnings are tied directly to the amount of hours you are physically at work and no matter how productive you are you can never make more money than your boss or your boss’ boss.  Having your own business allows you to have complete control of how much you earn and can work as much or as little as you like.  Working smarter rather than for longer means that you can make more money in less time – how awesome is that?

4. Your Weekends Can Be For Leisure Only
Working from home gives you the opportunity to get all of the mundane household chores done throughout your day rather than having to waste precious time in the evenings or on weekends doing them.  You can put your washing on at breakfast time and hang it out at morning tea.  Mow the lawn or do the groceries at lunchtime and put dinner on at afternoon tea time.  Your family will love you for it and no more missing out on having a great social life.

5. Fewer Distractions
Imagine how much more you can achieve in much less time when your day isn’t being eaten up with: endless meetings that don’t go anywhere; listening to annoying co-workers talk on their phones at full volume; unnecessary group emails; people asking for help they don’t need and the list could go on forever!  Thankfully by having your own Home Business you can avoid this all.

What are your favourite things about having a Home Business – let me know!  If you are still slaving for a boss and would like a way out email me and I can help you get started in a Home Business.  I look forward to your thoughts.