Would You Like To Fire Your Boss?

The CHOICE — will you make the right one?

Listen and observe…

Many people are telling stories of corporations forcing them and their co-workers to work like slaves. Instead of a whip, they use fear of job loss. Many, NOT ALL, but MANY corporations have come to the realization that a terrified workforce is a motivated workforce.

This means that these corporations, again NOT ALL of them, can exploit their employees and force them to do the workload of two, three, or five people. They then give a motivational speech:

“We all have to make sacrifices for the company. This might mean you have to work a little later. Or maybe you need to come in on the weekends. Or maybe you need to take some of your work home with you.”

“We have to do what is best for the company.”

“We do care about you, and if you feel that these requirements are a bit too much, we will accept your resignation. After all, there are countless professionals out there with just as much work experience as you, and they are desperately seeking a job.”

“You’re one of the lucky ones. But we’re going to need you to work a bit harder, longer, and without any bonuses or pay raises. But you get to keep your job so that makes it fair, right?”

Many corporations are working their employees to death. If an employee can’t sustain the insane workload (which NO ONE can for an extended period of time), the corporation says, “Too bad, we have to let you go.”

Again, NOT ALL CORPORATIONS have adopted this “employee-enslavement” policy, but an alarming number have, and many more are beginning to; listen and observe, be aware and notice trends and patterns around you.

Maybe things will “magically” get better and corporations will stop focusing entirely on their bottom lines and start focusing on the well-being of their employees, and jobs will become blissful…

Or…it will get worse.

Based on what you are seeing and have heard, what do you think will happen?

If you want to take control over your life, if you want Financial Freedom, then NOW is the time to act.

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE DEMYSTIFIED is a manifesto created for people who want to be paid what they are worth and never answer to a boss again. If you are serous about Financial Freedom then act on this!

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Can you imagine what your life will be like once you are financially independent?

You fire your boss, sleep in, live life on your terms, and gain wealth from working on what you are passionate about! Financial Freedom is the way to go!

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